Digital Starter Pack

Are you a consultant or micro business looking for options to use online tools better.

Do you see lot of online tools which look helpful but you are not sure how to make them fit well for your business?

Do you have sensitive documents and information spread across email ids or several laptops (business and personal!)?

Is you or your team using a mix of personal email ids when doing the businesses’ work?

Are you having doubts about your data security and compliance?

Are you looking for a way to manage all in one place be it your appointments, documents, emails etc in a way that is secure and easy to access!

If yes, here’s a solution to your headaches!

Get a Digital Starter Pack

Where you can get the following setup for your business:


Setup Cloud email

  • Central place for email
  • No longer using private emails to access

Setup Cloud storage – 

  • Centralised storage
  • Access the relevant document/information needed
  • Control access to the information

Google Setup for emails 

Google Docs for documents


  • A recommended folder structure for your business
  • A recommended user / access structure for your business
  • Defined areas for Management, Contingency Staff/Contractors, Finance/Accountant


Get training for you and your colleagues in how to work in a ‘web-first’ format.

Learn simple habits that reduce costs on backup and administration and keeps sensitive information secure.


Google AccountsSuitable forPrice
Upto 10Consultants, Micro-businesses£ 549.00
10- 20 AccountsSmall growing businesses£1,049.00
20-30 AccountsScaling businesses£1,749.00
> 30 AccountsSMEs/SMBsContact me

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