Why bother with Technology Planning

Why you should care about Technology Planning?

The short answer is technology can help you grow but right now you’re probably going to I.T. only when there is a problem!

The long(ish) answer is –

Technology moves fast and brings new options to businesses. It is very likely the I.T. setup you have has only upgraded over the years and not significantly helped you in adding newer technologies into your company.

But why add new technologies in your business – “If it ain’t broke”?

The fact is technology has slowly seeped into your, your employees’ and your customers’ life. This has changed the expectations customers (and employees) have from businesses. Your customer wants a great experience and your employees would like to give that experience. 

  • Your marketing teams want to make better use of data.
  • Your operations teams want to make their repetitive tasks go away
  • Your finance want to take away paper processing
  • Your product/service development team want to build newer products or services

How do you enable each of these teams to achieve it? How will you actually find, evaluate and implement the technology which is ‘right’ for your business?

That’s where “Technology Planning” comes into picture. This helps you match where your business wants to go and how technology can help.

You’re most likely doing 90 day plans for your business. By making technology planning a part of this process you’re able to get an understanding on where technology can help. 

It’s not just a session about updates on existing technology projects but actively looking to match business goals with technology options.

But what are the financial gains?

The financials gains you’ll get from these projects depend on

  • Your business sector
  • Your business goal
  • The Technology that’s chosen to achieve your goals

Example: Gains for a retail company trying to use predictive analytics to grow into a market will be different to an insurance company trying to use data to reduce its fraud risk.

You’ll get a chance to get answers specific for your business in the ‘Technology Planning‘ session.

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