virtual IT Director Services

If you want to go beyond ‘Technology Planning’ and see how we can help you implement the plans, that’s where the virtual IT Director services will help.

What’s a virtual IT Director (vCIO)? And how will one help you?

Technology moves fast and you need to see which ones will help your business. But you need to focus on your business and not technology.

So what do you do – hire an I.T. service provider or build yourself an IT team. 

But your team-members who manage/implement your I.T. solutions often do not have the experience to offer strategic advice. To hire such expertise will be expensive for small businesses

Your I.T. Service Providers may not always have ALL the technology expertise needed to reach your business goals.

There is another option of using an external technology consultancy who can advise on any technologies – but that is simply exorbitant!

However, there’s another option!

Hire a virtual IT Director (aka vCIO).

A vCIO works with you as you need and when you need. This brings to you the best of both worlds. Technology expertise needed for strategic business goals with real-world experience of implementing.

The consulting/on-demand nature of the engagement makes the structure very cost-effective. You can scale up or scale down the engagement as per your business I.T. needs from few days a week to few days a month.

How can TechRelief help you?

Here’s how. If you’re not sure which technology options will be suitable for you, we offer the ‘Technology Planning’ service.

If you have a good idea what technology will help you then we offer services to help you with that particular area. The areas we currently help with are:

  • Integration and automation
  • Data
  • Cloud

To get started with any service, book a ‘Technology Planning‘ session. (The charges of the Technology Planning will be deducted from any further service you sign up for.)

Why me? you ask. A lot of it I’ve covered in the ‘About’ page.