Online Security and Password Training

Online security is like hygiene!

Yet poor online password selection is one of the most common causes of security failure.

Password policies don’t cut it.

They are far confusing for the common person.

How do you resolve this? How do you get better at staying secure online?

Which is why this training was conceived.

A one-of-a-kind training that brings the tips-and-tricks experts use and presented in layman’s terms.

In this training, we show you how to get better at online security and creating secure, unique yet memorable passwords.

In this training we’ll cover, how to create:

1. Memorable passwords that are secure.

2. Unique passwords for different sites that you can remember.

3. Passwords which need to change frequently but still remember them

4. Creating a password hierarchy

5. Using memorable questions for personal use

6. Other security measures useful for businesses

Look forward to seeing you at the training!

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