30th October 2018


Choose an engagement that suits your needs:

Tech Surgery

Are your niggling IT issues getting you overwhelmed? Can’t decide which issues to fix first? and what’s the best way to solve them?
This service will help you see what are the underlying causes of those issues and the best way forward to solve them. This typically includes meetings with your team for discussions on current issues and future goals followed by a summary report highlighting issues needing attention. Typically, 2-4 hours; sometimes more at your premises followed by further analysis and reports.


Technology Road-mapping (includes a Tech Surgery) 

Are you looking to not just solve your current issues but also get some direction for your technology investments? This service will also get you advice on quick-wins where possible and help you understand any upcoming technologies that could boost your business. This typically includes meetings with your team. Understanding current workflows, issues and future business goals. Followed by a detailed report highlighting issues needing attention, prioritization and estimated work schedule where possible. Typically 4-6 hours; sometimes more at your premises followed by further analysis and reports.


Ongoing IT Director

Choose this if you have felt the need for an IT direction which aligns with your business goals. Also, choose this if you need senior IT guidance to work on your current and future IT projects. This service allows you to get continuous support and assurance that your IT is in capable hands. The Ongoing nature of this makes it ideal to have a someone who becomes a regular part of your team. Typically starts with an IT HealthCheck and Roadmapping followed by active guidance and oversight to solve existing IT issues and future IT projects. Usually 0.5-2 days per week at your premises. Charged as a monthly recurring fee.


Project-based engagement

If you have a specific IT project in mind and need particular senior IT skills then this engagement is for you. This could include roadmap building for your current IT, developing new capability, technology selection, vendor selection and management and others.


IT Sanity Check (online only)

Service designed to help you get peace of mind with your IT decisions and direction. The most cost-effective way to get senior IT expertise for your business. Delivered completely online, this service comprises of two 1-hour meetings (via phone/skype/facetime) every month. Focus of these meetings will be to set a goal for your IT, in line with your business goals and ensure you keep on track and resolve any hurdles. Monthly ongoing service which you can cancel anytime.


If you’d like to more information about any of the services or just have a question, click here to book a free no obligations call
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