What is ‘Digital Transformation’ (for you!)?

What is valuable from your perspective?

These days you hear a lot of Digital Transformation – especially since the COVID lockdowns began.

Many tech vendors are advertising about how their product or service is the essential component for Digital Transformation. And how adopting that particular technology is the key to Digital Transformation.

I have a slightly different take on this.

I don’t think one technology or application is the key to ‘Digital Transformation’

Rather I like to think that…

‘Digital Transformation’ is the “ability of a business to evaluate and adopt new technologies”.

And not just any ‘new’ technology but the technology which is ‘right’ for the business at that point.

So for one business, the right technology could be starting with cloud. (Like it was for many businesses at the start of lockdown.) But for another, it could be focussing on automation.

Similarly, there is a timing factor as well. Today a business may need to focus on cloud, data, (and others) but in a few fiscal quarters, they may need to look into IoT and 5G, and still further they may need to look into 6G, Quantum Computing. 

The onslaught of tech evolution is endless and so is their ability to influence business. Also, while there are new technologies coming to the fore, the ones already present are evolving and becoming more advanced (complex?). 

Nowadays you need specialists, and niche specialists (and strategists!) to come up with a tech solution that is the right fit for your business.

You need specialists, and niche specialists (and strategists!) to come up with a tech solution that is the right fit for your business.

This does present a challenge in evaluating and selecting the right technology for a business – particularly for businesses who don’t have the expertise in house.

IT Owners within these businesses have a unique predicament. Especially for those who have honed their IT selection/decision-making skills over the past decade based on the technology that was present some years back.

The technology landscape has changed considerably. (So has the approach to tech development, but that’s another topic!)

And of course, you can expect tech vendors to try to sell their wares claiming that their product/service is ‘the’ thing needed by the business (and they could be right!).

But it’s up to the IT Owner – to make the decision!

If you are the IT owner, how do you make this decision? 

How do you find which technology solution fits your business if you don’t have the technical expertise and neither does anyone in your team?

How do you get an unbiased opinion? Or find someone who is neutral towards any specific technology or technology vendor?

If this is your predicament? Are these questions haunting you?

If it is critical that you get some unbiased advice for these decisions, then I can help you! 

You can either:

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