You have a strategy!

Whether you realize or not, you have a strategy!

In my work as a virtual IT Director (or vCIO) when I say I help businesses with IT Strategy and Planning, most business people think “we are not that big, we don’t need a strategy”.

I can see where they are coming from, strategy can be a very misused word.

However, no matter what is being done there is a strategy behind it.

Let’s see how.

Strategy > Actions > End Result

For a moment, think of strategy as the ‘thinking behind the planning’

Say you are arranging a special birthday party for your spouse (or dinner for your customers). You want to have a venue that neither too cheap nor too expensive. You want a menu that suits everyone you are inviting but has something special to it. You don’t want to invite guests who do not get along well with you or the other guests.

Do you see it, you have a ‘thinking behind the planning’ — a strategy.

This thinking is to achieve a certain goal like make your partner feel special. Make the event memorable for them and make your bonding stronger.

If it’s your customers, you want them to think of you next time they need your product or service and not your competitors.

In effect your strategy led to specific actions to get a result you wanted to achieve. You will find similar thinking in most if not all the activities you do. In some cases you’ll overtly call it as strategy in others you may not call it so.

What do you think? Is this true for you? Have you always thought you don’t need a strategy? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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